Audi Service & Repairs

Audi Service Maintenance Repairs langleyEuroLux Motors International provides Audi service, maintenance and repairs for customers located in Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Delta, Abbotsford and throughout the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas.

Audi’s are performance built vehicles. To ensure that your Audi is maintained at its maximum performance level, proper maintenance is required. We recommend following the Audi service and maintenance interval program closely to keep your vehicle in peak performance. Speak to one of our knowledgeable service technicians to find out more about the maintenance interval program specified for your vehicle.


Audi Tune-ups and Factory Scheduled Maintenance

      • We are authorized to perform Factory Scheduled Maintenance
        and service required to maintain your luxury vehicle factory warranty
      • Oil Changes
      • Cooling System Flush Service
      • Transmission Flush Service
      • Winterization

Audi Mechanical Repairs From Basic To Major

      • Brake Repairs and Inspection
      • Suspension and Hydraulic Systems
      • Electrical Repairs
      • Exhaust Repairs
      • Engine Repairs
      • Fuel System Repairs
      • Transmission Repairs

All Audi Diagnosis With The Latest Diagnostic Tools

      • Heating diagnosis
      • Air Conditioning diagnosis
      • Electrical diagnosis
      • Check Engine diagnosis
      • No Start diagnosis

Pre-purchase Inspection

    • Condition of the body and paint including an underbody check
      (presence of scratches, cracks, dents, or rust)
    • Condition of tires and wheels
    • Glass exam for cracks or other flaws
    • Previous accident and/or flood damage
    • Check lights, A/C, gauges, and operation of all other electrical items
    • Thorough check of interior, including upholstery, mats, headliner, and seat belts
    • Comprehensive inspection of the motor and transmission
    • All drive-line components including 4-Wheel and All-Wheel systems
    • Steering, suspension, Braking components, and Exhaust system
    • And much more! Contact us for a full list.

Audi Service Repair Specialists
At our service centre you will find the best European and Exotic car technicians, providing outstanding customer service. Our Audi technicians take time to explain exactly what services or repairs your car needs to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Audi Preventive Maintenance
Performing routine maintenance on your Audi is an effective means to avoid costly repairs, or roadside breakdowns. Having your Audi maintenance performed at the manufacturer suggested intervals is key to keeping your car running optimally as well as increasing its longevity. Our customers can have peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle is in the best possible condition when they take to the road.

Audi Vehicle Tune-ups
At EuroLux Motors International we are the in-house professionals when it comes to extensive knowledge of the intricacies of tuning your Audi. With our years of experience and hands-on application, we provide all the essential expertise to ensure that your high performance vehicle is tuned for maximum performance.

Audi Brake Service
Brake servicing for your Audi is a key consideration for your vehicle, as eventually brakes do wear out, therefore it’s necessary to have regular servicing of your brakes. When it’s time to service your brakes, EuroLux will be sure it is done right the first time. We offer a complimentary brake inspection with every full service, and our expert technicians will make sure that any concerns are addressed before they become a major problem.

Audi Diagnostics
The EuroLux Motors International team uses the latest Audi diagnostic technology and state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to provide you with exceptional diagnostic capabilities. Our technicians diagnose your vehicle’s engine, and review areas that may not be picked up by a diagnostic computer system. No matter what the issue, we’ll be sure to find it and ensure that your vehicle’s running conditions are repaired to optimal standards.

Audi Oil Changes
Regular Audi maintenance and oil changes are important factors in extending the life of your vehicle. Engine oil performs vital functions in your engine, which allows for durability and longevity. Ensure you have your oil changes up to date and call us for your next appointment.

Audi Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections
Before you buy a used Audi, and no matter who or where you’re buying it from, we highly recommend having it inspected by a qualified mechanic. Often a car can look great on the outside, but may have serious hidden problems under the hood or elsewhere. A qualified Audi mechanic is most likely able to identify these problems, and point them out to you in advance, giving you the opportunity to make a better informed decision, and potentially save you from purchasing a car in need of expensive repairs.

If you would like to receive a service or repair quote, or book an appointment for your vehicle, please contact us today.

Come and see why EuroLux Motors International is one of the leading service, maintenance and repair centres for Audi customers located Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Delta, Abbotsford, and throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area. We look forward to meeting with you!