Winter Tuning

winter auto tuning

Winter is the best time for tuning your exotic car

At EuroLux, we think that the most convenient time to do upgrades or repairs to your exotic car is during the winter months. Why?

Because we will transport your car to and from our shop in an enclosed trailer so that we can work on it – and at no cost to you (so long as your car is in the lower mainland).

Summer is the time to drive your exotic car

The summer is the time for you to drive your exotic, not have it worked on (if you can help it). Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians does ECU tuning, exhaust system upgrades, major service, and installation of supercharger kits. But these things take time, precious time that you don’t want to spend in the summer months when the weather is good and you want to drive your exotic. Upgrades and major services can take anywhere from half a day to an entire week. Rather than take your car off the road in the summer months, we can do the work for you in the heart of  winter – when you’re not driving your car anyway. We will pick up your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, transport it to EuroLux for the duration of the project, and then return your exotic safely back to you.