Maintaining Your European Vehicle for Optimal Performance

As a local auto service centre in Langley for European vehicles, EuroLux Motors International understands the importance of ‘Maintaining Your European Vehicle for Optimal Performance’. Whether scheduling an oil change for your Mercedes, seeking a brake inspection for your BMW, looking for a tune up for your Land Rover, or having a pre-purchase inspection conducted on an Audi – we’re here to help!


Here To Help Your Vehicle Perform Better

At EuroLux, our Maintenance Interval Program is tailored specifically for European vehicles, offering high performance models the attention to detail they require in order to function at their best.

As an authorized auto service centre, we can perform factory scheduled maintenance, as well as deliver the required services to ensure your factory warranty stays current and is implemented as-needed.


Luxury is an Investment – Maintain its Value

When you invest in a European vehicle, you are investing in a luxury lifestyle. Whether appreciating the classic look of a Mercedes, the fun drive of an Audi, the spacious luxury of a Land Rover, or the tight suspension of a BMW – EuroLux has trained technicians who are knowledgeable about caring for your high performance vehicle in a way that gives you confidence.

From heated leather seats, to large powerful engines, to advanced operating systems, your investment is worth maintaining – for your driving pleasure and to keep all the safety settings intact.


High Performance vs. High Maintenance

Our EuroLux service centre takes the “high maintenance” out of “high performance” by offering such things as – a complimentary brake check with every service, or – our aforementioned – Maintenance Interval Program. We believe that your time is valuable, and making multiple trips for multiple concerns is not necessary. Rather, we will create a convenient schedule for you to oversee the care of your car, offering top-of-the-line technology to address any issues that might be hiding under the hood. “Time is money”, as they say, and we won’t waste either!

Curious how EuroLux Motors International can enhance your European vehicle? Give us a call …we’d love to meet you and explain how our services can benefit you!