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EuroLux is the leading performance auto tuning centre in Greater Vancouver. EuroLux provides the following tuning services: ECU engine control unit tuning, PIS transmission control tuning, Super Charger and Turbo Conversion. We are your performance tuning centre for:

ECU – Engine Control Tuning
The engine control unit, ECU, also known as the engine control module, ECM, controls key functions of your engine. By adding an engine control tuner or performance chip into the system, the parameters from the ECU can be altered. This changes key factors such as the fuel/air ratio or the spark timing of the engine. What you can expect as a result of installing an engine control tuner: More Power: Vehicle manufacturers tend to be conservative with the settings on their ECUs. ECU tuning changes the settings to get more power from the engine. More Efficiency: Today’s higher gas prices and environmental goals have caused many people to broaden their vehicular inspirations beyond the idea of only increasing power. Modern ECU tuning helps the engine to run more efficiently, which is ultimately less harmful to the environment. Affordable Upgrade: ECU tuning is an affordable upgrade and ordinarily is the first step in performance auto tuning – however, ECU tuning is not as easy as it sounds. EuroLux uses only approved and tested products and optimizes those products to meet the specific needs of your car’s engine.

Super Charger Conversions
Supercharger Conversions are mechanical air compressors. There are different types of compressors, including the Roots Kompressor, Screw Rotors and Scroll Type Super Chargers called G-Lader. The major advantages of Super Charger Conversions are: Increased Horsepower: Adding a Super Charger Conversion to your engine is a quick way to boost your engine’s power. No Lag: The biggest advantage of a Super Charger Conversion is that it eliminates lag. Power is delivered immediately because the Supercharger is driven by the engine’s crankshaft. Price: A Supercharger Conversion is a very cost effective way of increasing horsepower.

Twin Turbo Charger Conversions
Turbo Charger Conversions pump exhaust through the engine’s intake valves rather than depend on the vacuum caused by the piston’s intake stroke. To optimize the power result and avoid turbo lag, a smaller and a bigger sized turbine are combined in a Twin Turbocharger Conversion. From a Twin Turbocharger Conversion, you can expect a significant increase in horsepower. Additional advantages include: Power vs. Size: Twin Turbocharger Conversion allows a smaller engine to produce much more power relative to its size. Better Fuel Economy: Making improvements to a smaller engine, rather than replacing the engine outright, uses less fuel and results in less rotational and reciprocating mass, which improves fuel economy. Higher Efficiency: Turbochargers run off energy that is typically lost through natural-aspiration in supercharged engines (exhaust gases), thus the recovery of this energy improves the overall efficiency of the engine. Superchargers versus Turbochargers? There are many pros and cons to consider when making the decision between a Supercharger or a Twin Turbocharger Conversion. Additionally, you may wish to consider a combination of Supercharger and Turbocharger, called a Twincharger. Depending on the goals that you have for your car, we can make a recommendation on what will be the best solution for you.
In the following video both systems are explained:


TCU – Transmission Control Unit Tuning
A Transmission Control Unit TCU controls modern electronic automatic transmissions. TCU’s in Italian vehicles generally uses sensors from the vehicle and data from the engine control unit to calculate how and when to change gears in the vehicle for optimum performance, fuel economy and shift quality. PIS – Point of Initial Slip – tuning for Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini leads to positive shifts and better clutch wear. The results are an extended clutch life and smoother gear engagement.

  • Ferrari – F1 PIS Tuning
  • Maserati – DUE Select PIS Settings
  • Lambo – E Gear PIS Settings and Tuning
  • Audi R8 – ASMT Tuning