Why Choose Us

Why choose EuroLux Motors International?
Choose EuroLux Motors International when you’re looking for a European car specialist with outstanding car and customer service for affordable prices. At our service centre you will find the best  European and Exotic car technicians. Our technicians take time to explain exactly what services or repairs your car needs to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. While you wait for your service to be completed, enjoy free WiFi in our waiting areas.

Warranty approved European Car Maintenance

EuroLux offers dealer-quality service and repairs at a reasonable price, with the friendly care of a local vehicle repair centre. Eurolux Ltd is authorized to perform new car warranty maintenance on all makes and models as per section 77 of the Canadian Competition Act.

Electronic diagnostics
EuroLux offers you detailed inspection using the latest electronic diagnostic scanning technology. We are constantly investing in our equipment to provide the very best level of technical ability and services.

EuroLux Motors International Team
Hooman is the Shop Manager and Lead Technician at EuroLux Motors International. He’s an expert technician with a real love for Exotic and European cars. You’ll find Hooman at the centre of nearly every project that we work on – because he loves to be involved. Hooman started his career working on cars in 1993- from the start, he had a passion for working on European and Exotics. In 1998, his friend Mike bought a Ferrari F355 and asked him to work on it because he didn’t feel comfortable taking it to the dealer. Work on Exotics snowballed after that. In 2005, a regular customer of Hooman’s had a friend buy a Lamborghini – he also asked Hooman to work on it so he wouldn’t have to go the dealer. His work on European and exotic cars has been steady ever since. In late 2016, Hooman teamed up with his real life love, his wife Rae, to open EuroLux Motors International in early 2017. Hooman focuses on what he does best – fixing European and Exotic vehicles, and Rae focuses on what she does best – running the business end of things. Rae is the General Manager at EuroLux, and brings to the team a real love of all things administrative. She’s been running her own successful minute-taking business since 1996 with a 12-member team that travels the country. At the same time, she’s enjoyed the challenge of setting up and building EuroLux with Hooman. Kaila, the Office Manager, is the dynamo running the office and making sure that bookings and appointments go smoothly. Kaila serves as the middleman between our technical team and the office. Her warmth and friendliness will make you feel truly cared for when you bring us your vehicle. The team at EuroLux includes several additional technical experts. Like Hooman, they have a love of European and Exotics. With a three hoist shop, the team is able to handle working on many projects simultaneously, and enjoys the challenge of full engine out work on Exotics – work that many other service centres won’t dare to touch.

EuroLux Motors International partner companies

Over the last several years, our network of fair and trusted partner companies has greatly increased. We only want to recommend the best for you. It does not matter if you are looking for a sound system specialist or tuning parts, we can point you in the right direction with our partners:

We stand behind our work, and are determined to ensure that you leave our shop 100% satisfied with the services your performance car has received. If you are looking for a team of experienced, passionate and highly trained European and exotic vehicle technicians, then EuroLux Motors International is the place for you.