Why Hiring Local for Your High Performance Vehicle Matters

Hiring local is a hot topic these days; from locally grown food to locally crafted furniture, craft beer to artisan cheese – supporting local business is important to many, and makes a big difference in the quality of your product, service and care overall. This is why EuroLux Motors International wants to convey to our reading audience ‘Why Hiring a Local for Your High Performance Vehicle Matters’!   Excellent Service

Maintaining Your European Vehicle for Optimal Performance

As a local auto service centre in Langley for European vehicles, EuroLux Motors International understands the importance of ‘Maintaining Your European Vehicle for Optimal Performance’. Whether scheduling an oil change for your Mercedes, seeking a brake inspection for your BMW, looking for a tune up for your Land Rover, or having a pre-purchase inspection conducted on an Audi – we’re here to help!   Here To Help Your Vehicle Perform

Hublot Diamond Rally – May 2017

4 EuroLux cars at the Hublot Diamond Rally 2017 Eurolux had four cars in this year’s rally, including the two featured side-by-side in this photo (2003 Lamborghini Murcielago and 2012 Lamborghini Super Trefeo). Hublot Diamond Rally – the ultimate super car charity…

Winter Tuning

Winter is the best time for tuning your exotic car At EuroLux, we think that the most convenient time to do upgrades or repairs to your exotic car is during the winter months. Why? Because we will transport your car to and from our shop in an enclosed trailer so that we can work on it – and at no cost to you (so long as your car is in the lower